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16 October 2018

Algarve Lifestyle’s 2019 Vacation Packages Showcase the Best of the Algarve

Algarve Lifestyle has launched a comprehensive and unique range of vacation packages for 2019 that will allow tourists to experience the sights and sounds of Portugal’s southernmost region, the Algarve.

Vacationers to this exotic locale can now choose one of several packages on offer that provide a complete and authentic taste of Algarve’s natural beauty, culture and cuisine. Moreover, packages based on adventurous activities like rock-climbing and hiking, along with health and wellness based programs add to the overall charm and soul of the Algarve. Read more...

About us. Why are we here? Who are we?

You want to know about us. Hi! We are Steven Vigor and team. A team created with people who have a passion to ensure you have a great time when you come to the Algarve. There are a lot of companies here who either do pieces of lifestyle management for pieces of the Algarve, for their clients only or who provide informative websites, but without an office, or a phone.

Our mission - a very happy, dynamic, creative, energetic as well... team who have lots of information, a website, an office, and are on the phone, covering the entire Algarve for you. We are here to listen, to advise and to act. No need to trawl 50 websites to figure out which restaurants, which activities etc. you want to do. Just call or pop in and say hi. We are real human beings with a passion for you to have a good time. If only we existed when we first came here on vacation ourselves!

Also, for peace of mind, we are a fully licensed travel agency with the Turismo de Portugal - RNAVT/6867, and we are members of the APAVT, Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies.

Meet The Team

Steven Vigor
Karina Samokhina
Rita Ramires
Lana Vigor
Helene Zinck
Telma Guerreiro

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