Welcome - About Us.

About us. Why are we here? Who are we?

You want to know about us. Hi! We are Steven Vigor and team. A team created with people who have a passion to ensure you have a great time when you come to the Algarve. There are a lot of companies here who either do pieces of lifestyle management for pieces of the Algarve, for their clients only or who provide informative websites, but without an office, or a phone.

Our mission - a very happy, dynamic, creative, energetic as well... team who have lots of information, a website, an office, and are on the phone, covering the entire Algarve for you. We are here to listen, to advise and to act. No need to trawl 50 websites to figure out which restaurants, which activities etc. you want to do. Just call or pop in and say hi. We are real human beings with a passion for you to have a good time. If only we existed when we first came here on vacation ourselves!

Also, for peace of mind, we are a fully licensed travel agency with the Turismo de Portugal - RNAVT/6867, and we are members of the APAVT, Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies.

The Team

Steven Vigor
Founder & CEO

Steven Vigor Founder & CEO

Steven has been a tourist for many decades. More than 30 years in the IT and Banking industry, he was a Director at Deutsche Bank. He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS) and a Chartered IT Practitioner (CITP). He has a tenuous bloodline to the former Queen Philippa of Lancaster (Filipa de Lencastre).

Luciana Nunes
Events Manager

Luciana gained her degree in Tourism & Events Management from the Anhembi Morumbi University in Sao Paolo. She has more than 10 years experience organising events across many American and European countries. Luciana speaks Portuguese and English.

Nataliya Rososhenko
Marketing Associate

Nataliya Rososhenko Marketing Associate

Nataliya has worked in the hospitality industry for many years. She is an accomplished hospitality industry professional, experienced in private country clubs, hotels, fine dining and other restaurant environments. Nataliya speaks Portuguese, English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Lana Vigor
Web Content & Internet Marketing Guru

Lana gained her degree from the University of Kiev. She has spent many years in the hospitality industry in London and has spent the past 10 years in Internet Marketing. Lana has also built two very successful web based businesses. Languages include English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Joana Taborda
Travel Writer

Joana is a Portuguese travel writer and the founder of the blog City Odes, where you can read about her adventures around Portugal and the world. Her work has been featured on the Clarice App, considered one of the best travel apps by the New York Times, The Muse, Revista Gerador and several travel blogs.

Silvia Elena Niculescu
Public Relations Specialist

Silvia has a degree in Journalism. She is currently studying for her Master's in public relations, advertising and applied communication. Past experience includes working with companies specialising in PR, Social Media and also a Travel Agency. Silvia speaks English, Romanian and a little Portuguese.

Our Presentations:

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